about tune hi-fi


tune hi-fi is all about the tune

Which is to say the musical fundamentals. And our byline is “Hi-Fi for Humans”. Which is where you come in and say, “I love music”. Then we make you really happy. Be bring together the best electronics to create a stereo that meets your design aesthetic and is easy to use and blows your musical mind with every play.


established in 2004

Tune is in its twelfth year of selling, delivering and installing music systems to people who love and care about their music. I am grateful for them as their business allows me to continue to offer our products and services to you today and hopefully well into the future. Visit us. Find your musical bliss.

nuts and bolts:

Come visit Tune with some music and we will begin a conversation with you about your relationship with music. We can either talk your ear off with what we call Hi-Fi 101 or we can just set you in front of a music system so you can hear for yourself what we are on about. That would be music. We have a great but focused selection of turntables, DACs, amplifiers, speakers, headphones, etc to get you in touch with your music. Love your music.


Tune really began 18 years ago when I was helping my girlfriend, now wife, purchase her first real stereo. After discovering Naim Audio, our finest brand from England, I had a paradigm shift that involved asking musical questions of my stereo system rather than the merely sonic questions I had asked before, even though I was musician at the time. After 5 years working at the shop we got her system from, I decided to open Tune to bring Naim Audio and other brilliantly musical equipment to downtown Seattle and present it the way I think best suits the product. Tune opened in the fall of 2004 and has remained true to our vision while slowly growing through the last several years of a roller coaster economy. We are still here because people want genuine musicality and a personalized and enjoyable shopping experience. Come be a part of our history.

These guys are great. They aren’t pushy, they won’t try to upsell you… they really don’t want you to buy stuff you don’t want or need. …They really do provide “Nordstrom” service without the service charge. There is every reason to shop here, and no reason at all NOT to shop here.


Seattle, WA

I walked in the store not really knowing exactly what I wanted. The salesman was extremely helpful. He sat down with me and tried four different pairs. I was there for a couple hours. This dude knows EVERYTHING there is to know about sound equipment. Ended up settling on a pair that I was really excited about. The one concern I had was that I could have found the speakers for cheaper on the internet. When I came home and looked them up, I was pleasantly surprised to find them listed for the same price on Amazon. Not only was the salesman extremely helpful, but honest and competitive with his prices.


Seattle, WA

Most Yelp reviews are about places that feed our souls by feeding our bodies but here’s one about music which is at least as direct a source of nourishment.

Many people are rightfully intimidated by “Hi-Fi” shops filled with expensive boxes, bewildering technical jargon and snobbery. Tune is SO not like that. Tune is all about music and it is the best place in Seattle to learn about and obtain what you need to reproduce music in a more meaningful way, a way that reaches into you. No matter what music you enjoy or how you listen to it now, I strongly encourage you to treat yourself to a visit to Tune. Take some time, take some of your OWN favorite music and go sit down and feel it.

“You are the music while the music lasts.”
- T.S. Eliot


Seattle, WA