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I started Tune to fulfill my vision of what a stereo shop experience should be, one that would allow people who love music to connect with it daily on an emotional level.

I have loved music since I was a small boy and grew up with The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Simon and Garfunkle’s Bridge Over Troubled Water on the turntable. I first learned to play bass for a talent show at QA Thriftway’s Christmas Party on the Skansonia ferryboat on Lake Union.

My co-worker and I learned to play What I Like About You by the Romantics and I have been playing music ever since (we didn’t win, as I recall). My understanding and experience of music as well as my easy going nature and scientific and biological education all contribute to make Tune the successful shop that it is.

Some music, people, and other things we love…

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Rachael Price of Lake Street Drive

A video wherein Ms. Price records a perfect rendition of “What I’m Doing Here” in one take.
Oh, and, if you are seeing the performance here first: you’re welcome!


Naim Audio

Tune Hi-Fi is proud to represent Britain’s finest name in audio.

tune in

some recommendations from the music lovers at tune hi-fi

Record Stores


Easy Street Records
It’s the record store with the best in-store performances. The West Seattle location also serves food.


Silver Platters
Silver Platters was the first CD only store in Seattle and they now have three locations to serve you. Shiny since 1985.

Sonic Boom Records
Stores in Fremont and Ballard carry both new and used CDs and records. Real nice.


The Landing Records & Discs
6319 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle

Located on lovely Roosevelt Way, The Landing is a delightful Ma (Elizabeth) and Pa (Rick) shop that can find anything for you.


Tower Records
They support one of the last large selections of classical music in town. While not quite a “local” record store, Tower does have a knowledgeable classical staff, an expansive collection, and frequent sales.


Jive Time Records
A great used record store. Shop there for the record you can’t find anywhere else.

Want to Stream the Best in Music?

Allow me to recommend Deezer's Internet-based music streaming service. Listen to CD-quality content from major labels like Sony, EMI, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group on various devices, either online or offline. Deezer features 40 million tracks in its library, over 30,000 Internet radio channels, and 16 million active users.

Connon Price

Owner, Tune Hi-Fi

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