Triangle Esprit Serie EZ

The TRIANGLE Antal speaker is the main product in the ESPIRIT EZ range. 1.1 meters tall, this three way floor-stander incorporates all of the latest TRIANGLE innovations. Sitting elegantly on a glass pedestal, the speaker is equipped with TRIANGLE’s famous horn tweeter, a new natural cellulose mid-range driver and two fiberglass woofers.


  • Tweeter TZ2500B with titanium dome
  • Midrange driver membrane made of natural cellulose
  • Woofers with fiberglass membranes
  • Glass pedestal mounted with spikes or rubber pads
  • Brushed Aluminium Terminal

Review: Tone Audio

“…at this price, they are more than worthy of one of our last Exceptional Value Awards for 2017.”

Review: HiFi Today

“…they were superbly poised and well behaved. Adding to this, their bass extension was gratifyingly deep and extended. The 4 drivers of each speakers converged into a single radiating point projecting an expansive soundstage with excellent imaging. If you value speed, foot tapping rhythm, spacious and airy sound coupled with clean deep bass without any overhang, then the Triangle Antal EZ loudspeakers are a must audition. Bravo!”


Download the Esprit EZ Serie Brochure