Triangle Esprit Serie EZ

Comete EZ is one of the most famous Triangle speakers. This loudspeaker provides a similar listening experience to a floor stander, without taking up the space! Comete EZ is renowned for incredible performances throughout the lower frequencies and is ideally suited for rooms with a surface between 15 and 30m2.


  • Tweeter TZ2500B with titanium dome
  • Midrange driver membrane made of natural cellulose
  • Brushed Aluminium Terminal

Review: Stereophile

“If you’re looking to assemble a vinyl- or SACD-based system around a very-high-quality amplifier of 10–70Wpc, and especially if your living arrangement allows for nearfield listening to a loudspeaker placed well away from the room boundaries, the Triangle Esprit Comete Ex is a very strong recommendation. Unless something better for the price comes along, I could see the Comete Ex remaining in our “Recommended Components” list for an awfully long time…”

Review: Hi-Fi Plus

“This combination of horn treble and conventional cone mid/bass is well executed and covers its tracks remarkably well; you can hear the nature of the technology, but it doesn’t take much to forget about it and immerse yourself in the glory of your favourite tunes. For this reason, the Esprit Cométe Ez is one of the most enjoyable and entertaining speakers you can buy for less than a grand, and after all, ‘enjoyable and entertaining’ was why we got into music in the first place.”


Download the Esprit EZ Serie Brochure