Naim CD555 CD Player

Naim CD555 CD Player

The Naim CD555 CD player is Naim’s reference CD player, the finest Naim have ever made. It’s a statement of Naim’s engineering excellence, a showcase for their core beliefs.

Of course, it’s a fast, detailed and dynamic-sounding performer: anything less would be fundamentally at odds with who Naim is and what they do. But more than any one particular aspect of its presentation, the Naim CD555 CD player’s genius is the way it brings each disparate strand of your music together into one fluid, natural and involving performance. At Tune Hi-Fi, we believe this is how hi-fi should sound.

Technology & Craft

Zero-compromise quality demands single-minded engineering. The Naim CD555 CD player ignores those disc formats you don’t need. It avoids features that don’t contribute to its performance. It represents not a radical step into the unknown, but the ultimate expression of everything Naim has learned. So it uses a top-loading transport mechanism and a heavyweight brass sub-chassis which suspends critical electronics away from microphonic interference. A carefully designed, low-resonance CD clamp avoids the vibration-induced errors that afflict conventional CD mechanisms while its digital-to-analogue converter circuitry is shielded by a dedicated enclosure, ensuring superior isolation from electric and magnetic fields.

Wiring alone takes six hours of dedicated craftsmanship, while many of the Naim CD555 CD Player’s components are hand-selected to ensure that only the very best of each type make their way into each player. And as with many Naim products, its power supply components are housed in an entirely separate unit, the 555 PS, for ultimate performance.

Technical Features | Naim CD555 CD Player

  • Massive aluminium chassis to minimise resonance and vibration
  • Critical electronics suspended on a brass sub chassis via coil springs
  • Low-resonance CD clamping system using rare-earth magnetic puck
  • Non-reflective coatings used around the CD mechanism to reduce interference and noise
  • Shielded enclosure to isolate DACs, plus separate low-jitter clock circuit with its own power supply
  • Separate high-performance power supply (555 PS) to isolate sensitive electronics from electromagnetic interference
  • Hand-built from carefully selected components

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CD Players from Naim

For more than 40 years, Naim has been a flag-bearer in British high fidelity audio. Naim’s products are universally well regarded, well reviewed, and are frequently described using adjectives like “iconic,” “legendary,” and “world class.”

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