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Naim n-Serve app

The n-Serve app is ideal for making the most of any Naim Audio hard disk player or server. n-Serve allows you to create and save playlists, scroll through album art, find and save internet radio station presets and organise your music library.

It’s available on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch as well as Mac computers. n-Serve for Mac offers all the functionality of the iOS app, including the ability to explore your music library by following extended metadata links.

n-Serve also offers access to server configuration controls and gives links to Google, YouTube and Wikipedia from directly within the app. So you can lose yourself in a world of information relating to your music, if you choose.

Technology & Craft

The Naim n-Serve app was designed from the ground up, by Naim’s team of software engineers, to be the best possible interface between listeners and their music. It offers a range of easy-to-use features that maximize your listening experience.


Technical Features | Naim n-Serve app

  • Controls Naim servers: HDX, UnitiServe, NS01, NS02 and NS03
  • Library browsing with album art support, search and playback controls
  • Build and edit playlists
  • iRadio browsing, search, preset saving and selection
  • Full cover art support
  • Automatic discovery of Naim server products
  • Edit metadata, complete with web search for any missing album art

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For more than 40 years, Naim has been a flag-bearer in British high fidelity audio. Naim’s products are universally well regarded, well reviewed, and are frequently described using adjectives like “iconic,” “legendary,” and “world class.”