Naim NAP V145 Power Amplifier

Naim NAP V145 Power Amplifier

The Naim NAP V145 power amplifier is Naim’s mono power amplifier for use with multichannel AV systems. It shares the circuit layout and key components of our acclaimed NAP 250 and is every bit as transparent and articulate, yet provides even greater dynamics.

During the years of research that went into the flagship NAP 500, many technical developments came about that have been successfully applied to the Naim NAP V145 power amplifier. Based around the circuit topology of the latest NAP 250, the Naim NAP V145 power amplifier provides even greater dynamic capabilities and enhanced audio performance, resulting in the perfect solution for high quality multi-channel or active high-end systems.

Naim NAP V145 Power Amplifier
Naim NAP 500 Power Amplifier

Technology & Craft

Like the NAP 500, the Naim NAP V145 power amplifier uses a new circuit design with improved earthing arrangements, built on a high quality, anti-resonance main audio circuit board. It uses the same 007 transistors that were custom-designed for the NAP 500. These outstanding components each provide up to 80 Amps and 350 watts, negating the need to use parallel pairs of transistors (which always have a negative effect on sound). Additional 007 transistors are used in the fully regulated power supply, ensuring the best performance.

Anti-vibration, resonance-controlling feet serve to protect the sensitive internal components from resonance and microphonic vibration. A new top-quality transformer is used providing the ability to swing a massive 400 VA on transients. Furthermore, the Naim NAP V145 power amplifier is stable into any load and can drive a 2-Ohm load for long periods of time.

Technical Features | Naim NAP V145 power amplifier

  • 80W (mono) output into 8 ohms
  • Large custom-designed transformer providing 400VA of transient power
  • Advanced 007 output transistors, as used in our reference NAP 500 power amplifier

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