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Only Subwoofers

REL makes subwoofers. That’s it. Nothing else. No distractions. Nothing to steal their focus.

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New REL T/x Series Subwoofers are now available for you to audition at Tune Hi-Fi!

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Beyond Convention


REL Audio prefers to refine, to build generationally upon a solid foundation while searching relentlessly for every possible way to legitimately improve upon their past performance.

REL’s goal was not simply to improve upon its illustrious predecessor, but to deliver as much as possible of their latest Serie S at a more approachable price point.


Enjoy your entertainment on a grander scale with the T/x collection. Experience a robust full-range sound while maintaining premium-grade quality in the latest REL models. Make no sacrifices, keep the vibes strong and the sonic balance optimal.


Redesigned for the best, REL’s new T/x collection delivers cutting-edge specs in any setting. Live in the moment with faster and more-reactive drivers than REL’s previous generations, delivering you silky-smooth sound.


REL’s latest generation is stunningly simple. With the T/x series you can have it all, and have it fit perfectly into any décor. The streamlined cube offers sleek angles and compact size, providing you with the greatest versatility of placement.



REL Serie T/9x Subwoofer: Bigger AND Better


The job of any range-topper for REL is to deliver more of everything, particularly output and dynamics. The 9x is no different in this regard, as it delivers the goods in both music and theatre applications. The 9x, however, also delivers a level of intimacy, clarity and speed that means there are no longer trade-offs between the sonic balance of smaller models weighed against the power and scale of a model 9.

The all new 9x has even greater output than before, but the big news is the way it sacrifices nothing in clarity and transparency to achieve this. At this price, it opens the pathway for owners of high-performance European floor- and stand-mounted monitors and smaller panel speakers to enjoy truly full-range sound.

Hear the REL T/9x subwoofer today at Tune Hi-Fi!



REL Serie T/7x Subwoofer: Filtered for Purity


T/7x is the perfect answer for the real world. It’s compact enough (and beautiful enough) to end arguments before they begin; while powerful enough to easily answer most needs and balanced enough to blend beautifully with many of the quality speakers out there and still flexible enough to work in specialty applications.

The REL T/7x sub is available for you to audition today at Tune Hi-Fi!



REL Serie T/5x Subwoofer: Designed for Elegance


No model in REL’s long history has sold more units—nor engendered more affection— than the T/5. Here reimagined in a modern, elegant, new form factor, T/5x’s mission remains the same: make remarkable bass far beyond its modest size, and do so in a way that complements every interior’s style, while eliminating all visual distraction. Mission Accomplished, REL!

The REL T/5x subwoofer is available now! Hear it today at Tune Hi-Fi.

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