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Totem’s determined foray into the realm of musical transducers has been a path to which they have strictly adhered. Uncompromising design, engineering, attention to detail and extensive critical listening tests — the attributes long associated with all Totem products — have resulted in speaker systems worthy of the Totem name.

At Totem Acoustic, minute attention to every detail is the guiding principle.

Totem believes a speaker should exhibit liveliness and spaciousness of sound, with all the qualities that make live music truly soul-moving. Dynamics, transients, decay, harmonics, timbre, and rhythm must all be realistically portrayed.

Experience Totem as your guide to a novel, rewarding listening environment.

Each speaker unit is assembled with great precision, using meticulously selected components. Every speaker model features its own distinct internal wiring, scientifically selected and tested by ear during prototype and finalization stages. Music of any period or style is accurately and emotionally rendered with a focus that is at once powerful, moving and delicate.


Hi-Fi Series—Forest

Designed for power and articulate voicing, Totem’s Forest is a Hi-Fi Series speaker that is at ease with all types of music. In stereo, multi-channel audio, and high-quality A/V applications, the Forest creates a synergy between spatial imaging and dynamic power that must be heard to be believed.

The Totem Forest offers pulse, speed, and dynamic contrasts that add up to a welcome surprise factor, bringing freshness to your listening experience. With its innovative design, incredible sound extension, and overall coherence, the Totem Forest allows you to discover beautiful harmonics that open up to infinite worlds of spatial sonority.


Design Series—Tribe V

It’s all about lifestyle.
The Design Series distinguishes itself with a unique and luxurious multi-coat finish, its artistry, rakish stance and extravagance of colors.

Dusk, Ice, Sky and Fire. Glossy, ravishing beauty that will enhance any interior design. The columns models of the Design Series are marked by the Totem logo chiseled onto the elongated front claws.

The Tribe V’s powerful drivers provide energy, quickness, bass, and articulation beyond any speaker out there. A new, compact, high-efficiency exotic alloy tweeter, with 3/8-inch thick aluminum faceplate, completes the equation. Its 8-ohm easy impedance load—along with its earth shattering resolution and wickedly deep and tight bass—make the Tribe V the world’s finest architectural speaker.

Seattle Totem In Wall Speakers at Tune-Hi-Fi

In-Wall/In-Ceiling Series

Invisible custom installation.

In-wall/in-ceiling speakers are the perfect choice for you, if you prefer an invisible audio system with a custom installation. Totem’s In-Wall series, with Totem’s unique holographic voicing and proprietary crossover design, are of incredible superior quality in this category of speakers and will seduce you with their clarity and perfect sound reproduction.

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