“You’re gonna have to serve somebody.”

—Bob Dylan


Service from Tune Hi-Fi begins with a conversation about music.

We want to know if you have seen any good shows lately. Do you have a favorite recording? Who did you grow up listening to and who do you listen to now? What stereos have you owned before and what did you like or not like about them? Do you play an instrument? We want to know about you and your experience with music. We are not interested in selling you expensive boxes you won’t appreciate, our goal is to improve your relationship with the music in your life.


Next, we will discuss what your needs are and what system might satisfy your musical expectations.

If you haven’t heard of our product lines we can introduce you to them and let you know why we have chosen to represent them. At our shop we can demonstrate the differences between brands and models within a brand so we can assemble a music system to take to the next step.

The next step is a visit to your house with the chosen music system for an evening of startling realizations about how good the music on your albums really is.

During this home demonstration we can show you how the system can be improved in the future by demonstrating for you the next logical upgrades. Because the electronics can take a day or two to reach their musical potential and you might need more time to make your decision, Tune gives you the option to keep the system for further evaluation. We want you to have enough time to make a well considered choice. We know it is a big investment and you should be comfortable with your choices.

When the system or component you may order arrives, Tune will return to install it.

All components take time to break in and warm up, so Tune insists, where possible, on returning after at least one month to check up on the relationship and see how everyone is getting along. Final adjustment of speaker placement will occur at this point as well as a recheck of electronics and system performance. We will also ask if you have any questions and concerns regarding the system and tempt you with an idea for a future performance improvement.

After a year we offer to return for a breakdown and rebuild of the entire system, giving it a thorough cleaning inside and out and to see that the relationship between you and your music has been strengthened.

The purpose of this visit is to dust the entire system (so it looks nice), to break and clean all electrical connections which will tune up the performance, and to perhaps tempt you with another musical improvement? The thing about relationships is that they shouldn’t be stagnant. If they are good, they should get better, deeper. There should be more understanding. An improvement per year will keep your relationship with your music fresh and growing. The albums you already own will gain new vitality and depth and new music you bring home will be more completely revealed. More of what the artist intended will be communicated. Hopefully you will be so delighted with us and your stereo that you will call us periodically to make improvements of your own volition, craving ever more meaning and pleasure from the music in your life. Does that sound strange? It shouldn’t. That is how people approach many other aspects of their lives that they care about, why not music? Tune brings you music and keeps you tuned in. Here’s how:



If you are building a new home or remodeling an extant dwelling, Tune can work with you to design a system that makes sense for you and the way you use the space. Many people get excited with the prospect of having sound throughout their entire house when in reality they only need it in one or two rooms.

At Tune, we think music in the home should be about quality and not quantity. For instance, you probably have only one kitchen in your home for preparing food. The kitchen is where food is made. People do not design efficiency kitchens into each room. Do the same with music. We urge you to create one place where music is enjoyed, and enjoy the ambience of living and conversation in other places.

As a culture we need to wean ourselves off of fast food and background music. Tune can help you create a system that puts quality music where you really use it. And if music in every room is truly what you want, then we have the ability to spread real music as far and as wide as you want it. Just specify your needs. We consider AC power quality, acoustics, vibration, access, ergonomics, and aesthetics in support of a truly musical solution.



Tune represents, sells and services a compelling line of electronics and speakers from the finest manufacturers of musical equipment in the world.



At Tune we realize your first love is music, not hi-fi electronics. We also know that unlike other electrical appliances such as toasters, how the system is sited and installed has a great effect on the music you will reap from your expenditure. For this reason, Tune includes full installation with every purchase*, whether a single component or a complete system. At the same time we can evaluate your current system, if we are integrating components into it, and see that it is performing as well as possible.

Tune can also do pre-wiring during construction of new homes and can minimize the intrusion of wires and components into a room’s décor.
* Includes delivery within the greater Seattle area, set up and system check. Travel over 30 miles each way, ferry travel, and custom installation work require additional fees.

Trade Ups

Tune makes it easy to upgrade your hi-fi over time.

Within one year of a component’s purchase, we will give you 70% of its purchase price toward a system upgrade. After that time we can consign any pieces you may want to trade up. Tune will sell them for you at market value and give you 70% of the proceeds.